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Shrubs are an essential part of every garden. They may not always stand front and centre like their neighbouring plants and flowers, but they are great for providing background structure, fill, and colour. They’re also generally hardy and can work well against harsh weather elements. So before you dismiss the idea of adding some shrubs to your garden, here are a four you should consider that can enhance your garden next year.

Northern Hi-Lights

Despite the great name, this is a shrub to plant if you’re looking for some fragrance. This is part of the Azalea family, so it’s a slow growth, but will reach about 4 feet high. You can look forward to early blooms around May and June, with blossoms that display creamy white and yellow flowers.

Amur Maple

If you’re looking for that bold addition of colour, then this is the shrub for you. Amur Maple displays stunning fiery yellowish-red colours during the autumn. So when all of your flowers have shed their petals, you can still have a vibrant display. This shrub grows large, reaching up to 20 feet high and grows wide and dense. It’s easy to prune and does well in moist, well-drained soils.


The Boxwood shrubs are good and hearty. They are slow growing and require minimal maintenance. They do well in sandy and clay soils, but should be placed in a location that shelters them a bit from harsh wind. They’re great for pruning and popular for adding along borders or used as a hedge way. They can provide a very polished look to the garden.


Barberry shrubs are native to temperate and subtropical regions and do well in full sun to part shade. These are quite resilient to varying soil conditions and are great foundation or bordering plants. They are smaller and compact, and grow small colourful leaves, but have many varieties. They are great for placing at the front of the garden, especially since deer and rabbits don’t like to touch them due to the thorns.

Check out a full list of hardy shrubs, trees, and evergreens on our hardy shrub list. Or, visit us the pros and one of our Ottawa garden stores to discuss the best hardy shrubs for your garden.

Every garden should have some shrubbery within it to provide that hardiness, structure and colour once your annuals and other flowers have faded. So get your garden prepped next year by incorporating some of these shrubs into the mix and providing your garden with some hardy plants that will help protect your soil and keep your garden looking great even during the wintertime.

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