As the snow begins to melt and the ground thaws out, it’s time to gear up for the planting season! But when it’s time to select different plants to place throughout your flower bed, it can be challenging to decipher all the different variables that are necessary for attaining that beautiful, vibrant garden that you desire. Between the soil conditions and other requirements needed for successful growth, careful thought and consideration for the planning process is important before jumping right into the planting process.

If you don’t know where to begin, you can start here with some simple tips on planting a flower bed.

Research ahead of time

If you show up at the Ottawa garden centre unprepared, you may quickly feel flabbergasted by all the different colours and varieties available. Taking some time in advance to look at your neighbours’ gardens, flip through magazines, browse websites, or ask the garden experts at Ritchie Feed & Seed. You should also have a plan on what types of flowers you will want to plant – whether it’s annuals, perennials, shrubs or even a mix. Having a strategy in advance will make your trip to the garden centre much easier.

Purchase the right varietals

Many retailers have plants that are ready for purchase come the first signs of spring, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s time to put those into the ground. Make sure you purchase the right varietals at the right time or you may end up with withered plants.

Keep the containers moist

Nothing is worse than killing your plants before they even enter the ground. When you have purchased the right plants for your soil bed, make sure that you water each of the containers before planting since the plants are fragile and tend to dry up very quickly.

Read the instructions before planting

Different plants will have different requirements in regards to how close they should be placed next to others and so forth. And one species can be much more sensitive than another. Always read the instructions thoroughly before placing them into the flower bed. Also, read the instructions in regards to correct depth and width of the hole in which they should be planted. That way you won’t damage the roots.

Loosen the roots before planting

Once you are ready to place the plant into the hole, take the container and flip it upside down and gently slide out the plant. Once it is free, squeeze the soil to loosen the roots before and placing into the hole. Loosening the roots will help the plant grow and develop more easily.

Level the bed

Once your plants are in the hole you will want to push the surrounding dirt into any space so the plant roots are covered but not too tightly packed. Just make sure that you level the bed and pat the soil to remove any air pockets before watering.

Water thoroughly

Knowing how much water to add once planted can take practice. After you first plant, you will want to give the plants a thorough watering. Let the water soak in and then water again until the soil is moistened. For the first week ensure that you water directly on the plants, as the roots will need to absorb moisture from only a small area until they begin to grow out.

With a little preparation and planning, getting the perfect garden is easier than you think. Follow these tips to help you get started! Our Ottawa garden shop has everything you need for the perfect flower bed, from plant seeds to garden tools! Visit one of our convenient locations in Ottawa, Stittsville, Richmond, Brockville, or Winchester. Happy gardening!

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