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[print_link] Starting Bulbs & Seeds Indoors   Why are we starting seeds indoors? There are many reasons why are starting seeds indoors.  Some people are looking for varieties that they cannot find otherwise.  Some people like to get a head start on the season and be involved in growing as early as possible.  Another reason

Seed Propagation Starting seeds indoors is an inexpensive way to raise an assortment of bedding plants and vegetables.  It is also an activity that children enjoy as well.   Materials   Seeds Soiless mix.  Promix™ is a good choice because it is light and easy for seedlings to break through. Seed flats and inserts or

Transplanting / Planting Shrubs Choose an overcast day for transplanting, preferably the morning. Dig planting hole twice the size of your root ball, setting aside removed soil. Mix, removed soil, with a triple mix soil to the ratio of 50/50. This mixture is used to back fill around shrub. Add soil mix, than bone meal

Mulching   Mulching is placing a layer of material on the surface of the soil to protect plants.   Types of mulch   There are two types of mulch:   Organic:  Organic mulching includes compost, bark, mulch, shredded bark, decorative bar, peat moss, grass clippings and hay/staw.    The most effective mulch is the one that

Vegetables Conditions for growing vegetables   Full sun (at least 6-8 hours of sunlight) Soil with high organic and nutrient content – use manure or compost in your soil mixture; you may also want to add fertilizer to the mixture Constant watering Frequent weeding so that moisture and nutrients are not taken away from vegetable

Vines Vines are a beautiful addition to any garden; they can be used to provide a screen or add interest to a bare wall or fence.   Dutchman’s Pipe (Sristolochia durior) A fast growing, vigorous, twining vine it has large leaves; good for providing a screen for a patio or verandah.  Flowers are pipe-shaped.  Grows

Hostas   Common Name Plantain Lily   History   Until recently, hostas were considered to be a common shade plant that was used in gardens because nothing else seemed to work.  Now, so many distinctive varieties are available that an avid gardener can be seen spending up to $80 for a new hosta.   Hostas

Roses   RITCHIE FEED & SEED INC. 1390 Windmill Lane, Ottawa, ON, K1B 4V5 613-741-4430 11  Antique These roses are an excellent choice for anyone who wants something special for their rose collection.  These roses have an interesting petal formation and a strong fragrance.  They are somewhat more hardy than hybrid teas but should

Picking a tree What do I need to know before picking a tree? It is really important to have an understanding of the area in which you are going to plant the tree.  More important than anything is knowing how large the tree is going to be able to grow and what you expect the

Plants toxic to horses Botanical name Symptoms Common name Abrus precatorius Severe vomiting and diarrhea (sometimes bloody), tremors, high heart rate, fever, shock, and death. Seeds are highly toxic. Buddhist Rosary Bead, Indian Bead, Indian Licorice, Love Bean, Lucky Bean, Prayer Bean, Precatory Bean, Rosary Pea, Seminole Bead, Weather Plant Achillea millefolium Vomiting, diarrhea, increased

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