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What to Plant in Your Vegetable Garden in March

With spring in the air, now is the time when gardeners get eager to start prepping and planting their gardens for the summer. But March can be a tricky month for planting. As the weather begins to slowly warm up, it still holds the potential for some harsh frost and snow. Knowing what will hold up to the elements before you start planting is a must. In March you will want to plant a variety of cool weather vegetables and herbs that are hardy enough to survive any cold fronts.  Let’s explore some ideas about what you can start planting …Read More

7 Tips for Planting a Flower Bed

As the snow begins to melt and the ground thaws out, it’s time to gear up for the planting season! But when it’s time to select different plants to place throughout your flower bed, it can be challenging to decipher all the different variables that are necessary for attaining that beautiful, vibrant garden that you desire. Between the soil conditions and other requirements needed for successful growth, careful thought and consideration for the planning process is important before jumping right into the planting process. If you don’t know where to begin, you can start here with some simple tips on …Read More

Controlling Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is a naturally occurring process that can affect the quality of topsoil for both farmers and gardeners alike. As the climate changes, it has become an increasing problem, especially for areas that experience a frequency of high winds and heavy rain since they can easily sweep away that top layer of soil and all of those important nutrients along with it. But there are ways to help combat it and strengthen your soil and plants. Here are a few of our top suggestions to incorporate into your landscape to control soil erosion. Plant Shrubs and Ground Cover A …Read More

5 Deer and Elk Resistant Plants for Your Garden

Deer and elk can be cute to look at from afar, but once they end up munching on your shrubs and plants, they can quickly become a nemesis to your garden and a problem worth taking action against. In rural areas of Eastern Ontario or on the outskirts of Ottawa near forested areas, deer and elk like to roam onto properties in search of food. Keep deer and elk away from your greenery by incorporating these five deer and elk resistant plants into your landscape. Morning Glory These climbing plants are a great addition to any garden. Deer and elk …Read More

What Plants are Best for Wet Soil?

If you have wet soil throughout your garden, it can be tough to know what plants can actually survive those conditions. Although wet soil appears to be better than dry soil, it can be every bit as challenging when selecting what can grow and thrive in that excessive moisture. Here are a few suggestions for different plants to consider when you plan out your garden during the springtime. White Cedar Cedars love wet soil and they can thrive in it. Any areas that have excessive moisture or even swamp areas are great for cedars since they love those moist, nutrient-packed …Read More

The Best Native Plants for Ottawa Gardens

Native plants are always an important addition to any garden. They are stronger, and usually much more resilient to various conditions regarding soil, climate, and even water consumption. Plus, they are less prone to infestations from insects. It’s important to always incorporate some native species into your garden and softscaping. Here are a few plant species that are native to Eastern Ontario that can make a beautiful addition to your garden. Chokeberry These deciduous shrubs are generally found in damp soils since they tend to be more sensitive to dry soils. They are common shrubs that can be found scattered …Read More

4 Hardy Shrubs for Next Planting Season

Shrubs are an essential part of every garden. They may not always stand front and centre like their neighbouring plants and flowers, but they are great for providing background structure, fill, and colour. They’re also generally hardy and can work well against harsh weather elements. So before you dismiss the idea of adding some shrubs to your garden, here are a four you should consider that can enhance your garden next year. Northern Hi-Lights Despite the great name, this is a shrub to plant if you’re looking for some fragrance. This is part of the Azalea family, so it’s a …Read More

Understanding Trees & Power Lines

Trees are a great addition to any yard. They not only make your property look great, but they can also benefit it in numerous ways, by providing shade, improving the quality of your lawn and soil, and even increasing the value of your home. But when it comes to planting trees, it’s important to be mindful and diligent on where you place a tree. Power lines run just about everywhere and are often hard to avoid when choosing a location for your tree, especially if you live in an urban area of Ottawa. But there are a few factors to …Read More

Winter Plants

Whoever said that gardening is not a winter hobby is wrong! Even in the harsh winters Ottawa has been known to dole out, some plants can survive and add beauty and colour to your winter wonderland garden. Yes there is always the chance that there will be six feet of snow to battle through, but for the majority of the winter months, snow can be seen as a decoration as opposed to a hindrance. A little touch of green is so beautiful when covered in a light powder of snow. Holly When you think of winter you may instinctively think …Read More

Rabbits in the Garden

If you live in one of Ottawa’s many suburbs, chances are you’ve seen them. They hop around like they own the place and no matter how many times you ask them to leave, they return in numbers! They seem to eat almost anything they can get their little paws on. You know what we’re talking about: cute little destructive rabbits! Although having them around may seem like you’re living in a Snow White enchanted fairytale, reality is they are excellent at destroying vegetable gardens and other beautiful flower arrangements if given the chance. There are ways you can passively combat …Read More

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