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Ritchie’s is hosting a job fair at the Windmill Road location on February 16th and 23rd. See the poster below for details:  

Nature lover or not, everyone should contemplate adding a tree to their home’s outdoor space. We could go on and on about the environmental benefits of trees, but beyond their natural effect, trees can be a central part of your landscape design. Over the years, any tree – pine, oak, apple, maple, cherry – will

Gardening is one of the world’s most rewarding hobbies, and all it takes to get started is soil, water, seeds, and sunlight. Gardening is a wonderful hobby for people of all ages. Children can learn about nature and science and take a sense of ownership from each plant they help nurture. For adults, it can

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Building a pond   Water gardening has become one of the newest and fastest growing trends in garden design in the past 5 years. 

Why do I need a design? If you think about your garden as a trip, your design itself is the map on how to get there.  Without a map you are liable to end getting lost, or somewhere you didn’t want to be.

Seed Propagation Starting seeds indoors is an inexpensive way to raise an assortment of bedding plants and vegetables.  It is also an activity that children enjoy as well.

Lawn Care  Preparing the soil for a new crop Turn over the soil to a depth of 10-15cm.  Add soil amendments such as black earth and topsoil. Rake well and level the soil, creating a gradual slope away from the house to prevent drainage problems. Roll the area to firm up the soil.  Water the

[print_link] Starting Bulbs & Seeds Indoors   Why are we starting seeds indoors? There are many reasons why are starting seeds indoors.  Some people are looking for varieties that they cannot find otherwise.  Some people like to get a head start on the season and be involved in growing as early as possible.  Another reason

Plants toxic to cats Botanical name Symptoms Common names Abrus precatorius Severe vomiting and diarrhea (sometimes bloody), tremors, high heart rate, fever, shock, and death. Seeds are highly toxic. Buddhist Rosary Bead, Indian Bead, Indian Licorice, Love Bean, Lucky Bean, Prayer Bean, Precatory Bean, Rosary Pea, Seminole Bead, Weather Plant Achillea millefolium Vomiting, diarrhea, increased

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