Juglone Tolerant Plants


Some landscape plants such as Juglans and various Carya species are allelopathic; produce a toxic substance that will suppress the growth of some species of plants within the underlying canopy area. The specific substance produced by Juglans nigra (Black Walnut) and related species is called hydrojuglone, which oxidizes into a toxic substance called juglone. This chemical is of concern when trees are encountered in the landscape, as it will limit what may be grown under or near them. Professionals are left with only two solutions to the problem, one being removal of the problem tree and the other, planting Juglone tolerant plants such as those listed below. Mature Juglans and Carya species present dramatic forms in the landscape and every effort should be made to retain healthy trees. Further reading is provided in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food information bulletin entitled Black Walnut Toxicity includedin this manual.





Ajuga reptans                                                             Bugleweed

Alcea rosea                                                               Hollyhock

Arisaema triphyllum                                            Jack-in-the-Pulpit

Asarum canadense                                                     Wild Ginger

Astilbe X Garden                                                           Astilbe

Athyrium                                                                     Lady Fern

Campanula latifolia                                                            Bellflower

Chrysanthemum sp.                                                 Garden Mums

Doronicum sp.                                                       Leopard’s Bane

Dryopteris cristata                                                           Shield Fern

Epimedium sp.                                                       Barrenwort

Galium odoratum                                                        Sweet Woodruff

Geranium sp.                                                             Garden Geraniums

Helianthus tuberosus                                           Jerusalem Artichoke

Helleborus sp.                                                       Garden Hellebore

Hemerocallis sp.                                                       Daylily

Heuchera sp.                                                             Coral Bells

Hosta fortunei ‘Glauca’                                              Plantain Lily

Hosta lancifolia                                                         Plantain Lily

Hosta marginata                                                       Plantain Lily

Hosta undulata ‘Variegata’                                         Plantain Lily

Iris siberica                                                                Siberian Iris

Matteuccia struthiopteris                                     Ostrich Fern

Mertensia virginica                                                          Virginia Bluebells

Monarda didyma                                                           Bee Balm

Myosotis sylvatica                                                         Garden-forget-me-not

Oenothera fruticosa                                             Common Sundrops

Onoclea sensibilis                                                        Sensitive Fern

Osmunda cinnamonea                                       Cinnamon Fern

Phlox sp.                                                                    Summer Phlox

Poa sp.                                                                       Blue Grass

Podophyllum peltatum                                             Mayapple

Polemonium reptans                                               Jacobs Ladder

Polygonatum commutatum                         Solomon’s Seal

Polystichum sp.                                                       Christmas Fern

Primula sp.                                                                 Garden Primrose

Pulmonaria sp.                                                       Lungwort

Sanguinaria canadensis                                        Bloodroot

Sedum sp.                                                                 Sedum

Stachys sp.                                                                Lamb’s Ears

Tradescantia virginiana                                           Spiderwort

Trillium sp.                                                                  Trillium

Uvularia sp.                                                                Uvularia

Viola sp.                                                                     Violets

Vinca minor                                                               Common Periwinkle





Chionodoxa luciliae                                                            Glory of the Snow

Crocus sp.                                                                 Garden Crocus

Endymion hispanicus                                          Spanish Bluebell

Eranthis hyemalis                                                         Winter Aconite

Galanthus sp.                                                             Snowdrops

Hyacinthus sp.                                                       Hyacinthus

Muscari sp.                                                                Grape Hyacinth

Narcissus sp.                                                             Daffodils

Scilla siberica                                                          Siberian Squill

Tulipa sp.                                                                   Tulips





Acer palmatum                                                       Japanese Maple

Carya sp.                                                                   Hickories

Catalpa sp.                                                                Catalpa

Juniperus virginiana                                           Red Cedar

Picea abies                                                               Norway Spruce

Quercus sp.                                                               Oaks

Syringa sp.                                                                 Lilac

Tsuga canadensis                                                    Canada Hemlock




Clematis sp.                                                             Clematis

Daphne mezereum                                                      Daphne

Euonymus alatus                                                  Burning Bush

Forsythia sp.                                                 Forsythia

Hibiscus syriacus                                                          Rose of Sharon

Kolkwitzia amabilis                                                         Beauty Bush

Lonicera tatarica                                                           Tattarian Honeysuckle

Parthenocissus quinquefolia                           Virginia Creeper

Philadelphus sp.                                                       Mockorange


‘Pinxterbloom’                                                           Pinxterbloom Azalea

‘Gibraltar’                                                                   Gibraltar Azalea

‘Balzac’                                                                      Balzac Azalea

Rubus occidentalis                                                   Black Raspberry

Viburnum lantana                                                            Wayfaring Tree





Begonia sp.                                                               Begonia

Calendula sp.                                                            Calendula

Ipomea sp.                                                                 Morning Glory

Viola sp.                                                                     Pansy



Note: Where a Genus is listed most species are also tolerant of Juglone, additionally; where a species is listed most cultivars of that specific species will be tolerant of Juglone.

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