fall colour

With that fresh autumn breeze just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about colour – and we don’t just mean the trees. When it comes to autumn, you’ve got to take full advantage of that palette of colours it provides us with. So get out that garden hoe, grab your gloves, and take your pick of these plants that will be your best options for magnifying those fall colours.

Arkansas Blue Star

This perennial plant offers you a variety of foliage to enjoy. In the springtime it blossoms into tiny blue star flowers atop willow-like foliage that you can enjoy all summer long. And come autumn, that foliage turns into a beautiful golden-yellow, all the while being able to withstand the winter.

It’s the perfect plant if you’re in search of something low-maintenance and resilient with a variety of colour to enjoy throughout each season.

Red Osier Dogwood

If you’re in search of a shrub that will provide you with vibrant colour throughout the fall and the wintertime – red osier is it. This shrub is hearty and strong. It’s the perfect shrub if you’re looking to plant a hedge, or simply add a splash of colour to the mix. Due to the fibrous roots, hardiness, and deep, vibrant red stems that last all throughout the winter – this shrub has become a favourite among many avid landscapers and gardeners.

Fragrant Viburnum

If sight and smell are what you seek, consider the fragrant viburnum. These shrubs are also a favourite among gardeners. If you’ve got a problem area – dry, wet, sunny or shady – viburnums will jump to the rescue. They can survive just about anywhere. Plus, they offer attractive foliage, burgundy hues and fresh fragrances. It’s the perfect bundled package to embrace those autumn colours.

Balloon Flower

Also known as a Chinese Bellflower, this plant is your show-stopper. If you’re looking for a plant that has that “wow factor” – this is it. This perennial is easy to grow and offers dazzling blue flowers that peak in mid-to late summer and into the fall. It can handle extreme cold and extreme heat, so you can get the benefits of vibrant blues, mixed with white and pink palettes to liven up your garden during those autumn months.

Embrace the beauty of autumn this year by adding a few splashes of colour to your garden. And if you’re look for plants that will put on a show, you can bet any of these will do just that.

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