What Plants are Best for Wet Soil?

If you have wet soil throughout your garden, it can be tough to know what plants can actually survive those conditions. Although wet soil appears to be better than dry soil, it can be every bit as challenging when selecting what can grow and thrive in that excessive moisture.

Here are a few suggestions for different plants to consider when you plan out your garden during the springtime.

White Cedar

Cedars love wet soil and they can thrive in it. Any areas that have excessive moisture or even swamp areas are great for cedars since they love those moist, nutrient-packed soils. It’s also one of the reasons why cedar is such a favourable wood to use since it’s resistant to water and bugs.

River Birch

River Birch trees are beautiful. They are similar to paper birch trees but have an almost pinkish hue to the bark that peels off in a stunning display, along with delicate small leaves as the foliage. They have a shallow root system so they are actually quite sensitive to the heat, and dry soils. Thus, they are perfect for placing in cool, moist soils.

Honey Baby Honeysuckle

This shrub is tolerant in most soil conditions and is winter hardy. It is a bush so it doesn’t grow high but it’s perfect for gardens or even planters, especially if you’re looking for something that smells great.


Elderberry is a shrub that is most commonly found in Southern Ontario and throughout North America. Many people love them for their berries, which can be used in a variety of ways, including in wines and pies. They are also hardy and love wet soil.

Cinnamon Ferns

Ferns are always a great addition to the garden. And the cinnamon fern prefer medium to wet soils that nutrient rich, with partial to full shade. So any of those darken, swampy spots are just the spot for these.

Siberian Iris

These are a popular plant for the long-lasting blooms and low maintenance that comes with them. They bloom small purple petals and have bright green stems that really brighten up any garden. They require lots of water, especially during the first year until they are well established.

Find a full list of plants for wet soil here

There are so many wonderful plants that simply love those excessively damp soils, so don’t feel limited if you have wet soil. Try adding in some of these plants to your garden and watch them thrive. Visit a Ritchie Feed & Seed garden store near you and one of our expert staff would be happy to make a seed recommendation for your specific needs. While you’re here, stock up on the best selection of garden tools, pond supplies, plant seeds, bird feeders, and much more!

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