Rabbits in the garden

If you live in one of Ottawa’s many suburbs, chances are you’ve seen them. They hop around like they own the place and no matter how many times you ask them to leave, they return in numbers! They seem to eat almost anything they can get their little paws on. You know what we’re talking about: cute little destructive rabbits!

Although having them around may seem like you’re living in a Snow White enchanted fairytale, reality is they are excellent at destroying vegetable gardens and other beautiful flower arrangements if given the chance. There are ways you can passively combat these furry garden foes and cause no any harm to anyone. By simply planting a few rabbit-resistant perennials around your garden you can ward off their harmful little claws and teeth without causing them any pain.


Start by planting a few Lily-of-the-Nile. These plants bloom in the late summer early fall and blossom into a starburst flower head. They can brilliant bright blue to white in colour. Rabbits don’t like these plants and will steer clear of them, and hopefully any plants surrounding them.


A great plant to ward off bunnies is the snow-in-summer plant. They bloom in the spring and are a fantastic way to fill a large garden space. Snow-in-summer plants are planted from seeds and have a tendency to spread around. They can fill any gaping holes you may have in your garden and be a bunny repellant at the same time!

Blazing Star

Since rabbits are crafty creatures they can likely navigate around a fence with a certain amount of ease. Try planting a row of Blazing Star plants along the fence line and see if that helps to minimize your popularity in the bunny community. Blazing Star plants can grow to be as tall as four feet, so they make excellent backdrops to your garden.


Plants don’t have to be purely decorative to be effective in minimizing your bunny problems. Thyme and oregano make great bunny deterrents while also providing you with a great source for delicious home-grown herbs.

Bunnies are cute in kindergarten classrooms and Saturday morning cartoons, but any homeowner will tell you that they can be quite destructive when playing around in your garden. If you can intentionally plant some bunny-repellant plants in your garden as a safe and easy way to keep them away, your garden will have the chance to flourish all year long.

To learn more about rabbit-resistant plants or discover other gardening tips, talk to the experts at Ritchie Feed & Seed. We are the leading Ottawa garden centre and stock everything you need for your lawn and garden, including seeds, gardening tools, and more!

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