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There’s something almost visceral about the nature of a rose – the beauty, the delicate petals, the aromatic scent and colours. For many avid gardeners, roses are that prized feature in a garden that stands out amongst the crowd. The downside however, can be the challenge in their fragility, as many gardeners struggle to grow and maintain them at full bloom. If you’re in search of a hearty rose that will deliver those attributes along with hardiness, here are a few for you to consider.

New Dawn

If you’re searching for a climber that will give you great covering for fences, walls or structures, the New Dawn rose can deliver. Known for being one of the best perpetual-flowering climbers, it’s also one of the most vigorous. These roses are a beautiful display of wild-like, soft pink petals that let off a sweet, fruity scent as they blossom.

Singing in the Rain

Aside from the captivating name, these apricot colour roses grow in clusters so they provide you with big, bold displays of stunning tea-shaped blooms. You can find plenty of blossoms, regardless of weather, with a scent that intensifies as the weather cools.

Christian Dior

If you’re after those traditional, piercing red rose petals, Christian Dior are the perfect match. Tall and long-stemmed, these Hybrid Tea roses are known for producing the most “show-stopping” blooms. Lots of sun, well-drained soil, and some rose food will ensure you have elegant blossoms to look forward to each year.

Sun Sprinkles

Whether it’s in the ground or in a pot, these miniature roses are perfect for adding that rose-touch to your garden bed or your patio. The deep yellow blooms are heat tolerant, resilient and give off a mild, spice fragrance.

Blanc de Coubert

Blanc de Coubert is a Rugosa rose, which means they are shrubs that grow upright with very prickly stems, and bear flowers in summer and autumn. It’s a medium-sized shrub that offers stunning displays of pure white flowers with lots of accompanying fragrance. They are both vigorous and elegant.

Whatever you’re looking for, there is a rose out there that will grow and thrive in your garden. All that’s required is a bit of research to find the perfect type to suit your garden bed. So if roses are what you desire, start by considering each of these five types that are most favorable not only for their beauty, but for their hardiness as well.

If you have any more questions about roses, or you are looking for gardening supplies to bring your roses to full bloom, Ritchie Feed & Seed can help. Contact us or visit us in-store!

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