Winter Plants

Whoever said that gardening is not a winter hobby is wrong! Even in the harsh winters Ottawa has been known to dole out, some plants can survive and add beauty and colour to your winter wonderland garden. Yes there is always the chance that there will be six feet of snow to battle through, but for the majority of the winter months, snow can be seen as a decoration as opposed to a hindrance. A little touch of green is so beautiful when covered in a light powder of snow.


When you think of winter you may instinctively think of Christmas decorations. One of the most common Christmas decorations is holly. This makes holly the perfect addition to your winter garden! The beautiful white backdrop of winter combined with the crisp red and green of the holly sets the perfect winter wonderland scene. Get creative with where you plant the holly and see how bright and beautiful your house can be even in the midst of a winter storm.

Crabapple Tree

A uniquely special tree is the crabapple tree. There aren’t many plants that can have life in all four seasons but the crabapple tree is unique in that way. Planting a crabapple tree is a beautiful way to decorate your yard in the winter months.

Balsam Fir

If you are looking for long term winter beauty, try planting some trees that are built to withstand and even thrive in the winter. A great choice is a white fir or a balsam fir. Many different types of birch trees are also good winter tree options. Only certain trees can survive in cold winter months so if it is your goal to have green gracing you with it’s presence over the winter months be certain to ask an expert before committing to anything.

There is typically special care required in the fall for plants that thrive in the winter months. Some require extra fertilizer while others are able to thrive with simple mulching around their roots. Each plant is unique in their own way and each will be sure to brighten up even the most depressing of winter months! If you require any advice or guidance on how to plant and maintain a successful winter plant, feel free to contact the lawn and garden experts at Ritchie Feed & Seed to help you on your way. Your very own magical winter wonderland may be easier to attain than you initially thought.

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