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When and how to prune each shrub or bush can be difficult to navigate. Here are a number of lists of when it is best to prune.   Pruning Times for Flowering Shrubs   Prune in Early Spring or when Dormant               Prune After Flowering Beautyberry                                                                Barberry Broom                                                                         Beautybush Butterfly Bush

Pruning Hydrangeas   FIRST, it’s important to know that mophead hydrangeas do not have to be pruned back – ever – unless they are very old. Removing dead stems is the only pruning that must be done for the health of the plant, and these can be removed at any time. Dead blooms can also

Can I plant a fruit tree in this zone? the answer is YES- there are many you can plant and we can show you how.

Container Gardening Good reasons for container planting   The container themselves are decorative as well as the plant material. Perfect for small gardens. They provide a good medium for mixing and matching plant material. They can be used to camouflage bad views or provide an attractive focus. Can add height and dimension to a garden.

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