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The summer months are here, and that means it should be the time to show your beautiful lawn. A lot of pride can be found in displaying a perfectly manicured lawn with plush green grass, so soft that no shoes are required. That may be the dream, but sadly the reality is there are plenty

Animals love green spaces, such as home gardens, because they know that they’ll find things to eat there (at least, most of the time!). Landscapers and homeowners know, if you want to keep these animals away from your garden, you’ll benefit from learning the best deterrents. We’re here to share some practical tips that are

Aphids Aphids are green, brown, red or black soft-bodied insects that suck plant juices causing stunting and deformation of leaves and blooms. They are found on the underside of leaves, usually on the newer, more succulent growth. They deposit sticky honeydew on the leaves, which can lead to sooty mold. They reproduce quickly and may

Spider mites  Spider mites are tiny sap sucking insects found on the underside of leaves. Warm temperatures and low humidity will cause them to spread more rapidly.  They usually go unnoticed until fine webbing is evident.  Control:  Increase humidity by misting or placing a pebble tray under the pot. Rinse plants with water to remove

Mealybugs Mealybugs are white, oval and usually covered in a white substance that looks like cotton fluff. They are found individually or in clusters on stems, leaves and where the leaf  joins the stem. They suck plant juices and weaken the plants over time. They crawl slowly and leave sticky honeydew behind. Control: Use an

Scale Insects: These are sap sucking insects which will weaken a plant over time. They appear as hard round “bumps” on the underside of leaves and along the stems. They can also emit sticky honeydew, which can be followed by sooty mold.  Control: These can be difficult to treat at the adult stage because they

  Whiteflies:  Whiteflies are small flies with white wings that fly up in large numbers when the plant is disturbed, which can make them difficult to control. These insects multiply quickly and can spread to other plants rapidly. They are most commonly a pest of  indoor plants and are usually found on the underside of

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