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Triple Play™ Lawn Food 33-0-3


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C-I-L® Triple Play™  Lawn Food 33-0-3 feeds for an entire month, reducing growth surge so you feed less and mow less. This lawn fertilizer gives results with faster growth, thicker grass, and a deep, beautiful, greener lawn. It's perfect for your home lawn care plan.


5.25 kg (11.6 lb)
10.5 kg (23 lb)


5.25 kg: 4 300 sq. ft.
10.5 kg: 8 600 sq. ft.


  • Faster growth
  • Thicker grass
  • Deep green results

Role of NPK

NITROGEN 33: Gives you green grass, fast! This water-ready, quick-release formula helps produce more chlorophyll for a faster, thicker, darker lawn.
PHOSPHORUS 0: Phosphate-free! For reduced impact on lakes and streams.
POTASSIUM 3: To help plants fight off disease and for water retention

How to use

1. Aerate lawn in early spring. Rake and remove debris.

2. Apply this product only on established lawns.

  • Apply with spreader.
    - Use spreader settings for your brand/model. Too much fertilizer can burn the lawn.
    - Do not apply by hand.
    - Fill the spreader on a solid surface (not lawn). Sweep to remove any spillage.
    - Guaranteed burn-proof when used according to label directions.
  • To ensure uniform coverage, spread fertilizer over entire surface in a criss-cross pattern, first applying lengthwise, and then widthwise.
    - Close the spreader when stopping or turning.

3. Spot-check the lawn for bare spots. Where necessary, prepare the soil and apply C-I-L® Grass Seed.

4. Water fertilizer in to ensure maximum absorption.

When to apply

Spring and summer: Apply only on established lawns every 4-6 weeks throughout spring and summer.
Fall: Apply C-I-L® Fall Lawn Food 12-0-18, designed to improve resistance to cold winter conditions and promote early spring growth and green-up.