The Box of Life - Worm Studio (Earth Day Collection)


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Please Note we currently only carry the Earth Day collection (with blue lid) 
The blue lid is made from recycled materials. 

*Includes worms 


The Worm Studio is a beautiful indoor composter that will convert your kitchen scraps into healthy soil!

• Sustainable materials - local cedar ethically harvested 
• No bad smells 
• It is easy to do as the wormies do all the work for you
• We will teach you how to build a successful composting habit
• Access to our online community for support and motivation
• Some find it therapeutic to take care of a tiny living ecosystem
• Fun family activity and a way to teach kids about the environment

The different layers in the Worm Studio allow the wormies to move between them ensuring a virtually worm-free harvest of castings, saving you time and effort. 

So how does it work?

  1. Start with the bottom layer and follow the feeding guide to gradually fill it up
  2. When the bottom layer gets full, place the 2nd layer on top and continue feeding. Once that is full, you add the third layer and continue feeding.
  3. The wormies finish eating the scraps from the bottom layer and travel upwards in search of fresh food
  4. When the third layer is almost full, remove the bottom layer from the stack, empty the castings, and place the empty layer on top of your stack to continue feeding.
  5. By continuously rotating the bins, you will get fresh castings every 3-4 months


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