More Birds - Sunflower Screen Feeder

More Birds - Sunflower Screen Feeder


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The More Birds Sunflower Screen Feeder attracts a wide variety of songbirds and finches, providing them with multiple options to feed in their most natural positions, whether clinging to the screen or perching on the tray, or even upside-down! The supersized 7 lbs. seed capacity screen is designed for large seeds such as black oil sunflower and wild bird mixes, attracting Cardinals, Chickadees, Finches and more! The feeder features a screw-top design for convenient filling and cleaning, simply twist the top ring for cap & base removal. Built-in drainage holes help to keep seeds dry, while the seed diverter design keeps seeds moving into feeding areas. Powder-coated in beautiful hammered copper to add a splash of elegance to your outdoor space, the Sunflower Screen Feeder is the perfect way to make your birds' day!


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