Seed Starting Q&A

Seed Starting Q&A

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Date: February 18th 2023
Time: 01:00pm - 3:00pm
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Learn how to get a head start on spring by starting your plants indoors.
Starting plants from seeds can be intimidating and overwhelming. With a little know how, you can easily start herbs on your window sill, make a bean fort for the kids or enjoy the best toasted tomato sandwich you've ever had... grown by YOU from the seed!
Join us at our Ottawa East Location with expert Lana Doss from the Fine Gardener for a ton of seed starting tips and a demonstration. 
Bring in your questions big or small.
Here are a few popular questions we can most definitely answer:
  • When is light the most important to my seed starts?
  • Can I use a window? Do I need grow-lights?
  • Do I need to start my transplants in small cells or can I use large cups?
  • Do I need to use seed starting mix? Should I sterilize my starting mix?
  • Can I use outdoor soil to start my seeds indoors?
  • Can I use dry seed starting mix to start my seeds or should I pre-moisten the mix?
  • How do I set up my seed starting cells or containers for planting?
  • How often do I water? When do I water?
  • Should I let the top of my seed starting mix dry between watering?
  • How do I water my transplants in the most efficient way?
  • Can I leave water in the bottom of the trays all the time?
  • Do I need to put fertilizer in the seed starting mix to start? What kind of fertilizer should I use indoors?
  • What is the best temperature to start seeds indoors?
  • Do I need to use a seed starting heat mat? How long do I keep using it?
  • Should I label my seed starts? What is the best way to label me flats?


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