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Members also get year-end rebates!

We introduced our Garden club in 2006, and we are very proud to have over 4000 members. Our Garden club is a free club for gardeners where you can join up and be notified of all our special events. In addition to this, as a member you also get invited to all of our monthly seminars. Our points program rewards your purchases with the ability to earn gift certificates, the more you purchase in a year, the more you get back. From January to December, if you spend between $300-$500, you will receive a gift certificate based on a 3% rebate, if you spend between $500-$700, you will receive a 3.5% rebate, and finally if you spend between $700-$1000 and up, you will receive a 4% rebate.


The benefits of joining include:

  • E–mail notification of any seminars and special events that are upcoming.
  • All plant material and gardening related purchases you make count towards points that will be cashed in for gift certificates.
  • An e–mail invitation to both our annual Garden Party and Christmas Open House.


Please fill in this form to join our Garden Club and get your $10 coupon

  • This number will be used to look up your account at the cash so we can rebate you up to 4% on your total purchases over the year.
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