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Lawn and Garden

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Ritchie’s has everything you need to grow a lush beautiful weed free lawn.



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Ritchie Feed and Seed gets several mixtures made to our exact specifications. Among them are: Ritchie Quick Seed, Ritchie Shady Seed, Ritchie Greenland and Ritchie Eco-Grass


MapleseedQuality, service and great value for our customers has been the backbone of MAPLESEED since its founding company, Hogg and Lytle Seeds, first opened its doors in 1882. From this modest beginning the company has evolved and grown due to its commitment to quality, service and great value.




From projects large to small Scotts has it all





We carry a selection of CIL lawn seeds. Please call for availability





The PICKSEED Companies Group is a leader in the development, production and distribution of turfgrass and forage crop seed. Since its beginning in 1947, the Group has built a trusted and proven reputation for quality, agronomic advice and a commitment to research and technology



Some of the many benefits of RTF Water Saver grass seeds are drought tolerance, self repairing, eco friendly and 30% less deeper roots.

safersSafer® Brand proudly offers the broadest and most successful line of organic gardening, organic insecticide and organic pest control products reviewed and validated by third parties. Those growing an organic garden are looking for organic pesticides, more specifically insect killer to eliminate common garden pests but use a product that does not leave harmful residuals. Since regulations restrict the use of the term organic pesticides on products, resources such as OMRI® and the USDA National Organic Program can give gardeners peace of mind knowing the product they are spraying in their organic garden is certified organic. Safer® Brand boasts the largest array of OMRI® Listed products on the market, allowing for a healthy organic garden




Scotts_logo_3DLooking for alternatives to help protect and maintain a lush, healthy lawn and garden? Scotts Ecosense offers a complete line of unique formulas that get the job done right while offering you and your family peace of mind.




WILSON® Lawn & Garden Products – Bringing effective
solutions to gardens and household pest control problems since 1880





HavahartBy offering animal traps and animal repellents, Havahart® covers a wide spectrum of solutions that truly means Total Yard Protection for you!




Good for the earth… great for the garden! Green Earth® is the “natural” brand of gardening products that are environmentally friendly and safe to use. Green Earth® products are formulated with lower toxicity ingredients derived from botanical, mineral and animal sources.




SuperiorThe company was founded in 1983 by Mr. Jean-Marc Duchesneau, he had only one ambition to manufacture and distribute pest control products designed for any consumer in Canada. In 1991 the company expanded hiring several new employees and working jointly with some of his children, the company increased its range of products and began to distribute at the national level



OrthoWeeds and pests. They may be a part of life, but they shouldn’t keep you from enjoying it. For a single dandelion or a battalion of ants, Ortho’s easy-to-use products put you in charge fast.





Pest protection from patio to pantry since 1885





victorhomeWe carry the rodent control products you need, including mice poison, called rodenticides, our ultrasonic rodent repellents, electronic mouse repellent and rat repellent products, as well as our rodent traps – our proven rat traps and best mouse traps




Nooski“Build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door”. The vision was clear, a unique trapping system that was environmentally friendly, quick, clean, safe to use and kills humanely. In 1999 the original concept of a rubber ring trap was born, eight years on, countless hours of design, dozens of prototypes and extensive field trials the NOOSKI Trap System evolved.

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