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Sept. 15, 2020

Masterfeeds to acquire the feed division of Ritchie Feed & Seed

Ritchie Feed & Seed to maintain focus on retail locations

– Masterfeeds, an Alltech company, has announced the acquisition of the feed division of Ritchie Feed & Seed, which has been supplying the agricultural community in the Ottawa Valley for more than 90 years. Ritchie’s feed production, which includes products for the dairy, beef, swine, equine and poultry sectors, will be transferred from their plant in Ottawa to Masterfeeds’ facilities in Prescott and Cavan. Ritchie’s will continue to serve customers through their five retail locations.

“Our companies have a shared commitment to providing excellence in service and quality,” said Doug Ritchie, president of Ritchie Feed & Seed. “Masterfeeds was the best choice to carry forward a longstanding tradition of producing quality feed solutions as we shift our focus to the lawn, garden and horticulture needs of our customers.”

The acquisition brings the Ritchie’s feed group into the Alltech family of companies.

“This signifies an exciting continuation of a relationship between our companies that started with Alltech’s founder Dr. Pearse Lyons,” said Mike Castle, executive vice president and CEO of the Alltech Feed Division. “Together, we are strengthening our ability to support farmers and producers throughout Ontario.”

The deal is expected to close on Sept. 30, 2020. Ritchie’s customers can continue purchasing their feed as normal. Team members from Ritchie’s feed division — including field salespeople, nutritionists, truck drivers and feed mill operators — will join Masterfeeds.

“Ritchie’s feed division is a perfect complement to our strong presence in eastern Ontario and the Ottawa Valley,” said Rob Flack, president and CEO of Masterfeeds. “They have a reputation for providing excellent on-farm customer service backed by quality nutrition and sales support. We are excited to welcome the Ritchie’s feed division team to the Masterfeeds family.”


Contact: Rob Flack, president and CEO, Masterfeeds, Inc.


About us:

Ritchie Feed & Seed serves as a supplier to the agricultural industry in the Ottawa Valley area. Founded by John Ritchie in 1927, the original store and mill were located in the heart of downtown Ottawa. Ninety-three years later, Ritchie’s continues to operate five retail outlets in the Ottawa Valley.

Masterfeeds, headquartered in London, Ontario, has served Canadian farmers for over 90 years. As a leader in the Canadian animal nutrition industry, Masterfeeds serves livestock and poultry producers with research-based and proven animal feeding solutions, supported by skilled employees, dealers and sales staff. Masterfeeds maintains a targeted regional approach to service local farmers and ranchers who surround Masterfeeds’ 16 premix and feed plants across Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. This team approach extends to more than 340 trusted Masterfeeds dealer locations that serve thousands of Canadian farm families every day.

Alltech acquired Masterfeeds in 2016 and has supported continuous growth within the Canadian feed industry. Headquartered in Nicholasville, Kentucky, Alltech products improve the health and performance of plants and animals, resulting in better nutrition for consumers and a decreased environmental impact.