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BeSweet “Edamame” Soya Bean Seeds 1235. Rich in protein, vitamin A & B, calcium, iron and dietary fibre. Used as a green shell bean. Expect high yields from sturdy 60 cm (24″) plants. Each pod contains 2-3 large beans. Cook as you would any other bean. An exotic and nutritious addition to your garden.

How to Grow

Soya beans have a distinct dislike for cold, wet soils, so sow seed only after the soil has warmed to at least 16 C (60 F). Sow 2.5 cm (1″) deep and 8 cm (3″) apart in rows spaced 45 to 70 cm (18 to 28″) apart. To ensure a continuous harvest, sow bush-type varieties every 10 days until mid-July. Keep beans evenly watered, particularly when the plants are in flower and when production of the pods start. Avoid the use of high nitrogen fertilizer. Nitrogen promotes excessive foliage.