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Brightest Brilliant Certified Organic CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Beautiful calico-coloured seed heads mature above plants up to 2.4m (8′) tall. Leaves of young plants are tender and tasty raw or steamed. Sow more densely if growing for greens – farther apart for large, full-size plants. Dry harvested Quinoa seeds completely, and rinse them thoroughly to remove a bitter coating prior to use. After cutting and drying the seed heads in late summer, bash the seeds about in a pillow case or yard waste bag to loosen them from the stems. Then it’s easy to remove the chaff to end up with pure, clean seeds for eating and planting. And yes – it grows well in BC and in the Pacific Northwest. Feedback from Ontario growers who grew Brightest Brilliant Organic is very positive as well.

Matures in 100 days (Open-pollinated seeds)