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CIL Lawn Starter Food 10-20-5 7kg

Price: $24.99



C-I-L® Starter Lawn Food 10-20-5 is the ideal fertilizer to support over-seeding, new seed planting and sodding. This starter lawn fertilizer encourages fast and intense root and blade development. It delivers vital slow-release feed for a long-lasting action and improves resistance to disease, drought and cold conditions for an optimal new lawn start.


7 kg (15.4 lb)


1 833 sq. ft.


  • Nourishes root development
  • Increases growth
  • Helps improve disease resistance

Role of NPK

NITROGEN 10: Gives you green grass, fast! This water-ready, quick-release formula helps produce more chlorophyll for a faster, thicker, darker lawn.
PHOSPHORUS 20: Supports the root system and encourages plant growth, especially when over-seeding, laying sod and planting new seed.
POTASSIUM 5: To help plants fight off disease and retain water. Expressed as Total Nitrogen, Available Phosphoric Acid and Soluble Potash.