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Straight, slim slicer. Fruit averages 35 cm (14″) long. Mild flavour. Grow on a trellis or netting to maintain elongated fruit shape.

35 seeds/gram Cucumbers grow best in a rich, warm, sandy loam soil. Before planting, work into the native soil 30cm (12″) deep large amounts of garden compost or composted manure. As cooler soil will reduce germination and increase the chance of the seed rotting before it sprouts, wait until the soil has reached a temperature of at least 18C (66F) before planting. Mound the soil up into hills about 15-20cm (6-8″) high and about 30-60cm (12-24″) across. Space the hills about 120cm (4′) apart. Sow the seed 2cm (3/4″) deep with 6 to 8 seeds per hill then after the seed sprouts, thin to 3 or 4 plants per hill. If you have limited space, most cucumbers grow on trellises. Our best trellis grower is English Telegraph. Protect the plants from any late spring/early summer frosts and keep the plants evenly watered through the growing season. Even soil moisture is very important as cucumbers become very bitter if the plant becomes moisture stressed by hot dry weather. To prevent damage to the plant, harvest the cucumbers by cutting them from the vine with a sharp knife – do not pull or twist them from the vine.