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Fava Bean Certified Organic Vicia faba. Fava Beans Organic cover crop seeds produce hardy annual, upright plants. This small-seeded broad bean is a popular nitrogen fixer. The large brittle plants work in easily with front end tillers, or can be cut and composted. Turn plants in before the seeds start forming, 2-3 weeks before you want to plant in that spot. Seed 5cm (2″) deep, 5cm (2″) apart, in rows 30cm (12″) apart or broadcast and till in. Fava beans can be started as early as the end of January, or as late as early November. Plants grow slowly, and are hardy down to Zone 7: -17?C (0?F). Use 57kg (125 lbs) per acre. 500g covers 385 ft.

(Open-pollinated seeds)