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An early ‘Honey-dew’ type melon. Fantastic aroma and flavour. Fruits are large, averaging 15cm (6″) diameter and 2.5kg (5-1/2 LB) weight. Vigorous, productive vines, excellent disease resistance.

35 seeds/gram Select a south facing, wind-sheltered site and sow 5 seeds 2.5cm (1″) deep per hill. Space hills 1.5-2m (4-6′) apart. Thin to 3 to 4 plants per hill. In short season areas, start seeds in peat/paper pots indoors 4 weeks before plant out time. Seeds need a warm soil to germinate properly. Do not sow into soil cooler than 21 C (70F). Keep the melon vines evenly watered throughout the growing season. A packet of hybrid melon contains 10 seeds, enough for 2 hills.