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Premium Perennial Ryegrass Certified CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Lolium perenne. With the ability to go from seeding to a mowable lawn in just 21 days, this is one of the fastest growing grasses of all. It is a very tough, hardy grass that forms clumps, rather than spreading by rhizomes, and it regenerates easily from wear. This makes it the grass of choice for many sports pitches (including Wimbledon), but it’s also the most widely used pasture grass for grazing livestock: It is ready for grazing within 60 days of planting. Perennial Ryegrass Organic is tolerant to heat, drought, and cold, and has natural resistance to diseases that can hamper other species. It blends will with clovers, other grasses, and wildflowers, and makes a good nurse crop for Yellow Sweet Clover. This product should only be used in managed field or lawn settings.