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Spring Field Peas Certified Organic CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Pisum sativum. When it’s time to plant regular garden peas in the early spring and summer, that’s when Spring Field Peas Organic can be planted as well. The nitrogen fixer will produce ample organic matter that can be cut and left as mulch, gathered and dried as silage, or tilled back into the soil. Unlike Winter Field Peas that don’t perform well in spring and summer, Spring Field Peas are not cold hardy. But they will help to conserve moisture in the soil, they feed bees and other pollinators, and they help to smother weeds. They mix well with other cover crops such as vetch, oats, or rye. Seed at 125 lbs per acre. Allow to grow for 56 days as a cover crop, or 75 for seeds.

(Open-pollinated seeds)