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Coco Earth Coco Coir 30L


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Quantity :1.8 Cubic Feet / 50 liters

Kalpa gold coco coir is an unmatched 100% organic plant growing media which is sustainable, easily biodegradable, eco-friendly. Matured over a period of time Kalpa gold coco coir is naturally enriched with organic nutrients helpful in plant growth. There is no chemical nutrient added to make sure Kalpa gold stands apart from the rest being 100% natural organic mature coco coir. Kalpa gold  Coco coir is washed multiple times over a period of time with clean water to get rid of harmful salts and contaminants. Manufactured by the experienced and well-educated community of farmers who themselves upon putting it in use proudly address  the key qualities of Kalpa gold coco coir:

 100% Pure Organic Coco Coir.

 100% Bio-degradable, steam sterilized before bagging.

 PH Buffered to Neutral with Low EC level and TDS

 Ideal C: N Ratio

 Best supporting Coco Coir for plants,

 Excellent Moisture holding capacity with minimal leaching their by prevents loss of supplemented nutrients.

 Has the Capacity to assimilate externally supplemented nutrients in support of plant growths.

 Standalone medium for seed Starter, Germinator and other Agri / Horticultural Crops.

 Pathogen Free and Resistant to Molds.

Supports best Aeration.

 Ideal Pot Mix and Hydroponic media.

 Supports Stronger Establishment in Plants.



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