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KIDS EDITION | Bug Hotel Workshop [Richmond]

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Date: April 20th 2024
Time: 10:00am
Maximum Spots: 20


Bring your kids to Ritchie's so they can make and take home their very own Bug Hotel with our expert gardeners; at our Richmond location at 5901 Ottawa st.

Let them be creative as our experts guides them through creating a unique bug hotel of their own. They will arm them with small bug facts and all decorative materials they'll need to create their super cool hotel! 
- All parents must be present and co-participants during the entirety of the workshop
- Kiddos must be over the age of five years old
- Please note: we will be using hot glue
What’s included:
  • All materials to make their own bug hotel including the wood frame
  • Step by step directions & guidance
  • All decorations to customize their project
  • Various characters to choose from, including SUPERHEROS, FROZEN, DINOSAURS AND UNICORNS
  • After care instructions
  • A prize giveaway draw 

What you should bring:
  • Clothing suitable for working with soil
  • A box or bag to protect your project on the way home
*Please Note the photo is an average representation of what their Bug Hotel could look like. Some materials may change due to availability. 


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