Fungi Seminar and Homemade Grow Kit Demonstration

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Date: March 12th 2024
Location: In-Person @1390 Windmill Lane, Ottawa
Time: 06:00pm - 08:00pm
Maximum Spots: 50

Learn how to grow your own mushrooms with Think Fungi; a local non-profit dedicated to fungi research, education and conservation. 

Robert Courteau, creator of Think Fungi and President of the Ottawa Mycological Society will be onsite giving you a crash course on growing mushrooms at home.


This experience will be all about growing from scratch. Robert will 'jump in time' as he does a dive into each of the cultivation milestones. From mixing the growing medium, pasteurizing, inoculating, bulking, growing, and harvesting. A 3-month long process, condensed into just 2 hours. 

Robert will be prepared to take any of your questions, even if they stray a bit from mushroom cultivation.

Need some great ideas on how to use all those home-grown mushrooms? Just ask! Robert is a former chef and will be happy to share some of his timeless recipe ideas.

Click the links to learn more about Think Fungi and the Ottawa Mycological Society.


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