Philodendron Plants

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A philodendron is a tropical plant that belongs to the Araceae family; it's native to warm climates, such as the rain forests of Central and South America. The leaf shape depends on the species, and foliage comes in various colours.

Propagation is easy with stem cuttings. 

The philodendron plant can remove pollutants like formaldehyde and clean the air. The leaves are big enough to absorb moisture and release it as clean oxygen into the room.

How to Grow and Care for Philodendron
  1. Water your plant every seven to 14 days. 
  2. Prune your philodendron regularly. 
  3. Employ propagation to control the size of your plant. 
  4. Keep an eye on pests. 
  5. Fertilize your plant monthly. 
  6. Keep your plant away from children and pets. 
  7. Repot your plant as necessary

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