Sunflowers Autumn Beauty Seeds

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Helianthus annuus. Tall 1.5m (5') plants are literally covered with 13cm (5") blooms. Some plants have as many as twenty blooms or more. Autumn Beauty is a very showy mixture of colours including golden yellow, bronze, brown, and burgundy. Autumn Beauty sunflower seeds are very easy to grow! Sow directly in the garden in late spring or early summer so that the roots can grow uninterrupted (as opposed to transplanting from containers). The flowers are somewhat variable with the occasional bicolour in the palette of fallen leaves - golden, bronze, red, sepia, and yellow. This variety looks beautiful planted in long rows like a hedge or along a driveway.


    • Very showy mixture of colours
    • As many as 20 blooms or more
    • Very easy to grow
    • 1.5m (5') tall plants
    • Sow directly in garden

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