Venus Flytrap Plants

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The Venus flytrap is a flowering plant best known for its carnivorous eating habits. Venus flytraps are perennial plants, which means they bloom year after year. Each trap on the plant can only open and close several times before it dies and falls off. Then the plant produces a new trap from its underground stems.

Are Venus fly traps dangerous to humans?
Venus fly traps are not poisonous, do not have teeth, and cannot bite, so they pose no threat at all to humans. The traps are only designed to close around small insects so that the plant can digest them and extract nutrients.

For best Venus flytrap care, keep the environment humid and the soil moist but don't let the plants stand constantly in water. Never give your plants what comes out of your tap; it's usually too alkaline or might have too many minerals. Instead, rely on rain or use distilled water.

Feed them live prey, such as flies, spiders, crickets and slugs are a Venus' fly trap's favorite food. Live meal worms or crickets purchased from the pet store are a great option. Ants may not have enough nutritional value and sometimes come into contact with toxic substances as they scour your home.

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