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5 Signs You're a Gardener at Heart

Gardeners are a special breed and they share some traits. Being a gardener is more than planting a few seeds and calling it a day! In all seriousness, even if you don’t exhibit the five signs, you should give gardening a go! It’ll be a great way to get outside and get in touch with nature. When you garden, you’ll also be creating beauty.

You Love Being Outside

Gardeners adore the great outdoors and find peace and solace in the earth, grass and sky. If you’ve always loved being outside, where the fresh air invigorates you and the sight of plants, trees and flower nourishes your spirit, you’re likely a gardener at heart. The worst day for a garden is when the snow falls – but the crafty gardener grows an indoor garden to keep the green thumb in top condition until the spring.

You’re Detail-Oriented

Good gardening requires some planning and focus, so it suits those who enjoy planning ahead and bringing plans to fruition - literally. If you enjoy this sort of work and you don’t have trouble managing a gardening schedule, you’ll find that gardening is a great diversion. By focusing on the details of gardening, you’ll be able to forget about every day cares and worries.

You Are a Creative Person

Designing a garden is definitely creative. If you love using colour and shape in order to express yourself in other areas of your life, such as art, fashion and interior decorating, you’ll be able to bring your creative spirit to your garden, too. Choosing flowers that suit your tastes and creating layouts of plants, flowers, and shrubs will be a great way to use your creative energy in order to enhance the beauty of your home’s landscape.

You Enjoy Peace and Quiet

Most people garden alone. If you value a bit of solitude and you enjoy peaceful, quiet activities, gardening should be enjoyable for you. In our busy world, where people use electronic gadgets constantly and schedules are jam-packed, gardening offers the opportunity to unwind and relax.

You Love Plants and Flowers

Most gardeners really enjoy learning about plants and flowers. This means identifying different species, figuring out which plants and flowers are most appropriate for certain environments and discovering how to take care of different species. If this sounds good to you, you’re probably a gardener at heart! At Ritchie Feed & Seed, we’re all gardeners at heart. Whether we’re helping you select lawn care products, garden products, conducting a plant search, we know the beauty in turning a small seed into a beautiful flower or plant. In fact, why don’t you join our Garden Club and save?