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All About Fragrant Plants

Have you ever walked past someone’s yard and stopped dead in your tracks, completely hypnotized by the magical scent coming from their garden? The term stop and smell the roses means to slow down and enjoy the beauty life has to offer. A skillfully assembled garden with beauty that you can see and smell is definitely worth stopping for. But how can you make your garden smell as beautiful as it looks? Simply by planting the right plants! Some plants are much more fragrant than others, when selecting plants and flowers for your garden, keep in mind what scents what will be complimentary with each other. Some plants give off an incredibly strong scent, like a lilac tree, whereas some plants emit subtle scents like a lily. Finding the right balance for your own personal preferences is all part of the fun. If you want to keep the fragrance party going all year around (except for winter of course) then pay attention to when each plant is to be in full bloom. Here is a quick guide to which plants appear in which season.

Early Spring

Shrubs are most likely to bloom earlier in the season. Some fragrant shrubs that bloom in early spring are: • Star Magnolia • Double Flowering Almond • Fragrant Viburnum

Mid Spring

As the weather gets warmer, other flowers start to become in season. Some fragrant plants that bloom in mid spring are: • Azaleas • Golden Flowering Currant • Snowcap Wall Cress

Late Spring/Early Summer

You really see things start to develop by this time. Here are some fragrant plants that bloom in late spring/early summer: • Maiden Pinks • Peony • Lilacs • Black Locuts

Mid Summer/Early Fall

Even towards the end of the flower season there are still some heavenly fragrant plants that are just waiting patiently to bloom. Here are some fragrant plants that bloom in mid summer/early fall: • Honey Baby Honeysuckle • Summer Phlox • Butterfly Weed • Oriental Lily In addition to all of these flowers that bloom at their own will, you can also plant annuals that give off amazingly fresh and inviting fragrances. A few possibilities for fragrant annuals are: • Angel’s trumpet • Sweet Pea • Heliotrope • Four-o-clocks Visit our other blog post for a detailed list of fragrant plants. Have fun mixing different colours and scents to find the perfect combination to make you stop and smell the roses in your very own yard. Enjoy sitting in your yard surrounded by the beautiful hypnotizing scents and really lose yourself in your relaxation. If you’d like further recommendations about which fragrant plants are best for your garden, if you are seeking gardening advice, or if you’d like to shop for the best in gardening tools, accessories, or seeds, visit your nearest Ritchie Feed & Seed garden centre!