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Grow Your Own Garlic

If you’re interested in growing garlic, rather than buying it at the grocery store, you should know that your goal is definitely easy to achieve. You may grow garlic at home without needing to put in much time and effort, as long as two key elements are in place. These are good soil and sufficient moisture. In order to enjoy the tastiest, healthiest garlic, you’ll also need to learn the best times to plant and harvest. Now, let’s talk about how to grow your own garlic. Our helpful quick guide from our Ottawa garden store will give you the power to enjoy fresh garlic whenever you want to, right from the comfort and privacy of home.

When to Plant Garlic

It’s important to plant garlic at the right time and this is about one month before the earth freezes in your garden. This timing can vary, but typically in Ottawa you should plant in mid-October (Thanksgiving weekend is perfect!). It’s possible to plant as early as six weeks ahead of anticipated freezing time. However, a month is definitely enough time for most people. You’ll find that roots begin to flourish shortly after your planting day. Your goal should be to foster excellent development of roots, before each garlic plant becomes dormant. During autumn, you may notice a few green shoots and this is normal.

How to Get Soil Ready

The best garlic for superior garlic growth is loose and fertile. You may loosen up earth by using a digging fork in order to break it up. After you do this, add two to three inches of organic matter to the earth, in an even layer. Then, use the digging fork in order to incorporate it into your soil. Organic matter is often a combination of leaf mold, old rabbit droppings and compost. You may also buy mixtures ready-made. It’s important to avoid planting garlic in the same place two years in a row, so find a new place for it if this isn’t your first attempt to grow it. Next, make space for planting by creating furrows which are shallow and about six inches away from each other. Come into our Ottawa garden centre to find the best garden soil for garlic growth.

How to Plant the Garlic

To prepare the garlic, just break some cloves from each bulb apart two days before you plant – make sure that the wispy husks of the garlic are intact. You’ll be planting cloves. Just space them an inch or two apart in the furrows. As you can see, it’s really easy to grow garlic. Use your garlic in fresh Italian food, as a health remedy, a natural pesticide for your garden, and of course ward away vampires! Now that you know the drill, why not plant a garlic garden today?