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Neem Oil and Alternative Products for Pest Control

Neem Oil has become a popular topic in online gardening discussions about pest control. Although neem oil is a natural product and commonly used in health and beauty products, it is neither approved, nor available for use as a pesticide in Canada.

The Canadian Pest Management Regulatory Agency banned neem oil for use as an insecticide in 2012. However, if you have aphids, whiteflies, mealybugs or any insect attacking your plants, there are other options to save them! 

Aphids can range in colour from green, brown, yellow, or black.   

Insecticidal soap is available for purchase in Canada and is a non-toxic insecticide for use on flowers, vegetables, shrubs and trees. You can buy it in store or even make it at home yourself with a little dish soap, mixing 5 tablespoons of soap in one gallon of water.  

For use on indoor plants and greenhouses, any insecticide with the ingredient pyrethrin is also a great option. Ortho Bug-B-Gon Insecticide and Shultz Insect Spray are two products we carry here at Ritchie’s.  

If you're unsure what is causing holes in your leaves, spraying with an insecticide can help!

We recommend spraying either of these products in the early morning or the evening. Spray on the tops and underside of the leaves once and again six to seven days after first application.  

For more information on the federal ban on Neem, please visit the Government of Canada website:  

For more information on neem oil as an insecticide, please review this pesticide study,

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