Whiteflies are small flies with white wings that fly up in large numbers when the plant is disturbed, which can make them difficult to control. These insects multiply quickly and can spread to other plants rapidly. They are most commonly a pest of indoor plants and are usually found on the underside of leaves. They can cause damage to the foliage by sucking plant juices causing the plants to look unhealthy and stunted. In large numbers, they will deposit a layer of sticky honeydew on the leaves, which may cause a secondary problem with sooty mold. This is a fungus that grows on sooty mold and may also stunt plant growth. Control: Isolate the infested plant if possible to prevent spread of insects. Yellow sticky traps will help to catch some of the flies and control their populations. Spray with insecticidal soap or End-All which contains both insecticidal soap and pyrethrins. Because the whiteflies fly off when the plant is disturbed, placing the plant in a clear plastic bag (dry cleaning bag) before spraying may be more effective in their control.