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Green Magic Hybrid Broccoli Seeds

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Green Magic Hybrid Broccoli Seeds 1285. Much more uniform with a tighter head than any other variety we’ve trialed. Medium – sized, semi-domed, dark blue-green heads have medium sized beads and great holding ability during summer heat. Expect this variety to be a favourite in the market garden. For spring, summer or fall crops, it’s hard to beat.

How to Grow

300 seed/gram. Plants mature quickly and grow best in cooler weather. Both early and late crops are possible. For early crops, start seeds indoors in a soil-less mix from late March to early April. Set out the transplants in late April and early May spacing them about 45 cm (18″) apart in rows 90 cm (3′) apart. Fertilizing is essential. Use a balanced NPK granular or 20-20-20 water soluble. Keep weeded and evenly watered. Broccoli may become top heavy as the heads form – staking may be required. Harvest the main head when the buds are tight and compact, well before flowering. Cut the centre stalk at an angle below the main head and avoid damaging the side shoots. This encourages more heads to develop and will prolong the harvest. Flowering will signal an end to head production. One packet sows approx. 20 m (66’) of row when thinned to a 40-50 cm (16-18”) spacing.


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