Nursery Elite Molded Pots (9 SIZES)


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  • Sturdy Plastic: Seedling pots are constructed of reinforced plastic to minimize the risk of cracking in both cold and hot conditions. Their blow-molded structures prevent shattering during transit to markets or retail locations. Lightweight and soft-sided, these reusable nursery pots will last through many growing seasons.
  • Drainage System: 5 holes in the middle and around the bottom of the plant container are used to increase ventilation and soil drainage. The wide-rim design makes it easier to handle, move, and stack up these pots when they are not in use. The stability pattern on the interior bottom ensures that your flowers will remain upright.
  • Wide Application: Our trade pots can be used for cuttings, seedlings, growing plants in large quantities, as well as plant transition containers. An economical solution for growers of small plants and bonsai, such as succulent plants, cactus, aloe, fortune tree, etc. Or you may grow vegetables that improve the quality of your diet.
  • For Any Place: Enjoy your gardening adventure with our heat-protective nursery pots, which can be used both indoors and outdoors. Ideal for greening project, house gardening, and floral display in retail malls. Bring life to your home, garden, and office by growing plants in these nursery pots.

*The photos are an average representation of what the nursery pot will look like. Models may vary but the size remains the same.


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