Squirrel Baffle X5 | 15"


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Feed the birds - not squirrels!

Our More Birds X5 squirrel baffle for bird feeders has six spring-loaded integrated perches that shuts all ports simultaneously under the weight of a squirrel - instantly stopping irritating squirrels in their tracks.

All six perches are adjustable so you decide what birds are welcome to feed on the beautiful X5. The weight springs at the base are adjustable to keep out 'bully' birds like Grackles, Doves, and Blackbirds.

The More Birds X5 bird feeder disassembles into three sections for easy and thorough cleaning. Wide mouth opening allows for convenient refills. A durable metal die-cast frame in an oil-rubbed finish complements any yard and makes a beautiful gift.

Fits on poles 0.5" to 1.25" in diameter



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