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Horse Krunch Cubes 25kg


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This is the original, the one and only, Masterfeeds Krunch (cube). Well known in equine circles, it was developed originally for growth and development for Canada’s top thoroughbred farms. Today, it is most often used as a treat and a great way to help with weight gain and add variety to the diet of fussy eaters. It’s high in calories, protein and fortified with vitamins and minerals. The calorie protein and amino acid content helps add topline weight.

 This feed contains added Selenium at 0.54 mg/kg.


Available only in cube form.
The shape promotes thorough chewing and in turn, helps overall digestion, reduces dust and fines.

Contains 16% Crude Protein.
Versatile feed which provides the amino acids essential for gestation and lactation, as well as rapid growth.

Contains a high levels of Calcium, Phosphorus, trace minerals and Vitamins.
Required for milk production, strong bones; to support sound growth, particularly during nursing, and at weaning.

Contains 35 mg/kg organic Copper.
Involved in hemoglobin formation and bone development, both important for good health of the mare, foal, stallion and yearling.

Provides added Biotin.
Involved in the integrity of the hoof, often stressed by the demands of competition.

Increased energy level. 
Allows for weight gain. Total volume of feed required per day is a concentrated amount.

Contains Yea-Sacc® 1026.
Alltech’s signature product for gut health, the most frequently studied yeast product world-wide; stabilizes gut health, leading to enhanced digestibility and utilization of nutrients.