Sunflowers Teddy Bear Seeds

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Fluffy, round, fully double flower heads are marked with a dark brown eye. Inter-plant them with other sunflower varieties, add to your border, or grow in containers. Plant Teddy Bear sunflower seeds for a unique cut flower. Plant grows to a height of 90 cm (3'). Because Teddy Bear Sunflowers produce so many flower petals, they are good for sprinkling over salads in the summer. The petals are completely edible. This variety is a great choice for cut flowers as the stems are strong and straight. It will attract bumblebees and other pollinators the the garden space. It's a long time favourite here at West Coast Seeds.


    • Annual
    • Fully double flower heads
    • Small sturdy plants
    • Grows to 90cm (3')
    • Grow in containers

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