Annual Ryegrass Certified Organic Seeds

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Annual Ryegrass Certified Organic CERTIFIED ORGANIC!

Lolium multiflorum. With its deep roots, Annual Ryegrass Organic penetrates even hard-packed soil to introduce oxygen and water pathways that can be used by other plants when it dies back at frost. Its foliage loads up with carbon and nitrogen, which is then released to the crops that follow.

This fast-growing grass is prized for use as silage and weed suppression. It is easier to germinate than other cover crops, requiring contact with moist soil (in dry periods, it should be sown only 1cm deep). It makes an excellent temporary lawn, or it can be combined with other cover crops, including harder-to-establish clovers.

Zone 6 or warmer makes an excellent fall cover crop and will hold soil in place over winter. In Zone 5 or cooler, it's better to sow mid-summer to early fall for spring tilling.


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