Broccoli - Green Magic Seeds - Ritchie Feed & Seed Inc.
Broccoli - Green Magic Seeds - Ritchie Feed & Seed Inc.

Broccoli Green Magic Seeds | West Coast Seeds

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Perfect for summer harvests, Green Magic broccoli holds well with improved hybrid bolt resistance. Considered a mid/early variety, it's also good for fall harvests. The large plants are blue/green with uniform, tightly packed heads, excellent flavour, and strong resistance to foliar powdery mildew. If saving seeds is not the singular goal of the gardening plan, hybrid broccoli varieties will often produce an earlier, more uniform crop with better disease resistance than an open pollinated alternative. Broccoli (and all Brassicas) make a strong case for hybridizing to bring out the best a crop can offer. In all cases, West Coast Seeds includes open pollinated options for those interested in seed saving. Winner of the RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Matures in 60 days. (Hybrid seeds)

    • Excellent flavour
    • Uniform blue/green heads
    • Resistant to foliar powdery mildew
    • Hybrid seeds
    • Matures in 60 days


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