Cloud Grass Agrostis nebulosa Seeds


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Cloud Grass Agrostis nebulosa. Cloud Grass seeds can be direct sown in early spring, any time after the last frost date. In mid-summer, flower spikes emerge to a height of 50cm (20"), with panicles of tiny, cream coloured flowers. The look is diaphanous and airy, and each plant fills in a large volume of garden space. These flower spikes look gorgeous in cut flower arrangements, and they dry particularly well for fall and winter bouquets. This clump forming annual will thrive in sun or partial shade, and it looks sensational in large planting xeriscape systems. Mix it with rocks and taller grasses for a drought-tolerant, wild look. Or plant in larger containers for a striking accent on the patio. In the right setting, this grass will self sow, but it will never become weedy or invasive.


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