Coreopsis Lanceleaf Coreopsis Seeds

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Coreopsis lanceolata. Native to eastern North America, Lanceleaf Coreopsis has naturalized across much of the Prairies and even into the Rocky Mountains. It is a hardy perennial plant (hardy to Zone 4) that is both drought tolerant and able to endure high temperature and humidity. It will work in well drained containers and just about any garden soil, but it prefers well drained, nutrient-poor, sandy loam. This variety can reach 90cm (36") tall, but may grow shorter depending on exposure in the garden. It's stems are stiff and upright, so it makes a nice cut flower. It is attractive to a wide range of pollinators and beneficial insects. Avoid over-watering, and keep the spent flowers picked — otherwise it requires little care.


    • Perennial
    • Hardy to Zone 4
    • Grows to 90cm (36")
    • Attracts beneficials

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