Cosmos Bright Lights Sulphur Seeds

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C. sulphureus. The intense dazzling yellow to reddish orange single flowers on this striking species Cosmos attracts bumblebees, birds, and beneficial insects, and looks terrific in a cut flower bouquet. Plant Bright Lights cosmos seeds in full sun. It's easy to grow in a variety of soils - tend towards the dry side. Its natural drought tolerance makes it a good candidate for xeriscaping. Plants grow to about 1m (3') tall, for the middle or front of a mixed border. Mix Bright Lights with dark blue and purple flowers like Blue Boy Centaurea or Rocket Larkspur Delphiniums for eye-catching contrast.


    • Annual
    • Intense yellow to range single flowers
    • Attracts bees, birds and beneficial insects
    • Plants grow to about 1m (3') tall
    • Looks great in a cut flower bouquet

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