Cabbage Deadon Coated Seeds - Ritchie Feed & Seed Inc.
Cabbage Deadon Coated Seeds - Ritchie Feed & Seed Inc.

Cabbage Deadon Coated Seeds | West Coast Seeds


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Deadon organic cabbage seeds produce heads that have truly savoyed, purple leaves over a tightly packed, lime green center. The 15-25cm (6-10”), slightly flattened heads are very cold hardy, and only get sweeter after hard frosts. The colour also improves in cold weather. Its firm texture is matched by delicate flavour, making Deadon one of our trial favourites. Chose from our selection of summer and fall harvest cabbage seeds, and follow up with this attractive, delicious winter harvest wonder. Provide protection from late summer cabbage moths by growing under lightweight row cover. Winner of the RHS Award of Garden Merit.

These seeds are coated with an inert, organically certified layer which helps to minimize clumping in storage and seed sowing machines. The coating is approved by organic certifiers in Canada, the US, EU, and Japan.

Matures in 105 days. (Hybrid seeds)

    • Certified organic seeds
    • 15-25cm (6-10") slightly flattened heads
    • Cold hardy
    • Gets sweeter after hard frosts
    • Matures in 105 days


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